Approaching Galavant's Two-Year Dev Anniversary

Galavant's GitHub repository was created October 17, 2015. This means the two-year development anniversary is coming up.

I find the fact that I've been working on Galavant for two years both upsetting and acceptable. It is upsetting to me because it doesn't seem like I've come very far. It is acceptable because of my approach to working on it. I have only worked on Galavant when I have wanted to, which means long stretches of time occasionally pass before I feel compelled to pick up where I left off. The advantage of this approach is that it makes it harder to get burned out by a project. The large disadvantage is the slow rate of progress if you don't often want to work on the project.

My sporadic development approach

I am a professional software engineer by day. Work takes a lot out of me. I rate my own comfort and relaxation as more important than a strict development schedule.

To give you an idea where I'm at:

The big target I'm after now is getting Combat stood up. Agents, needs, inventory, items, equipment, and numerous other systems will all be involved in getting it ready. I'm going to hold off on world generation, building, and such in favor of working on fundamental gameplay interactions (like combat, needs, and managing inventory).

My goal is to turn this tech demo into a game that can be played. Here's to another two years!

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