What have I been up to? 2020 edition

I have been fairly active when it comes to making things in my off-hours.

Game projects

I worked on Spargus Vehicle Prototype, which is an attempt to get a similar feel of the dune buggies in Jak 3. I plan on having a thorough post about it soon, so I'm just teasing it here. Andy Gavin himself forwarded me to the programmer who made the Jak 3 buggies. I'll have our email exchange as well as plenty of videos once I write the full article.

base2.0, my simple SFML wrapper library I wrote over six years ago, has gotten a few updates. Primarily, it now builds more dependencies from source, and has imgui built in by default. The library is in need of a sprucing up; I think I'll make "base3.0" in order to preserve compatibility with my old projects.

Japanese study software

Other software

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